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The FOOD PRODUCTION IN MOTION project- "Reducing Food Insecurity in Trinidad and Tobago, one Community at a time" 

Project's overarching goal- This project seeks to establish climate-smart, self-sustaining urban gardens in major communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago


  1. To produce affordable chemical free crops that are available monthly to the lower/middle income community in 1 public location within the Malabar/ Arima district through use of grow box techniques. This will be done via development of a community garden within the district which will simultaneously serve to generate employment and volunteer opportunities for the young and old.
  2. To increase capacity so that at least 25 community members per year have skill sets to grow chemical free crops utilizing grow box production techniques. This will be done via: Adult vocational training (2a- see brochure below), and Youth vocational training (2b- see brochure below).
  3. To facilitate production of chemical free produce by at least 25 community persons per year within newly established garden-at-home kits (see photos to the left) towards sustainable livelihood development. 

Tentative project duration: March 2019 - February 2020 [servicing the Malabar/ Arima community district]. 


  • Spancast Caribbean Ltd. [private company]
  • Youth vocational training agency- AquaVege Ltd. [private company]
  • Adult vocational training agency- YTEPP Ltd. [public sector]
  • Malabar/ Arima Non-Government organisation- MANGO [NGO]
  • Nourish TT [NGO]

Specific achievements to date [surveying Only]: Surveyed feedback received from 114 persons in the Arima district during August 2018- September 2018 was used to tailor details of the "Food Production in Motion" project design.

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