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The PLANTING SEEDS project- "Feed for a Lifetime"

Project's overarching goal: This project's advocacy campaign focuses on bringing awareness to the benefits of chemical-safe food production; not only regarding its importance to health and national food security, but also to sustainable living and creation of sustainable livelihoods. Its main target audience is current students within the primary and secondary school systems.

  1. To develop lesson plans (and practical activities) tailored to the curriculum of the primary and secondary school systems which affords its beneficiaries opportunities for practical application of food production theory.
  2. To provide practical food production learning opportunities based on Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) to 100 students per month per school
  3. To facilitate sustained production within participating schools (utilizing GAP) through development of customized garden-on-site kits (i.e. grow box/ aquaponic/hydroponic systems)

Duration: January 2019 - December 2019 

Donor(s): AquaVege Ltd, CultiGro TT and SKYE Network

**Note that we are currently developing the schedule of visits to schools for 2019. At present, one school per month can be facilitated. Feel free to contact us to discuss how best we can serve your students.