The Sunbeam Foundation

— "Let Your Light Shine " —  

❈ Introduction ❈

The Sunbeam Foundation (SbF), founded in 2017 is a service-based non-profit organisation which seeks to collate the efforts of  NGOs, CBOs, state agencies, entrepreneurs and companies (public and private) in an attempt to guide communities toward activities which promote their empowerment and greater sustainable living with Earth. 

Areas promoted by the Foundation include:

  1. Holistic human health; inclusive of matters related to nurturing the mind, body and spirit, as well as human rights related matters
  2. Earth; inclusive of matters related to sustainable energy usage and development, climate change (awareness, adaptation, mitigation and use of smart technological innovations), ecosystem monitoring and conservation, resource management (coastal and inland), and sustainable living and livelihoods i.e. food production

Implementation of these broad topics are project specific, but usually involve one or more of the following capacity development deliverables:

  • Stakeholder meetings 
  • Training workshops/ Short courses [theory and practical- based]
  • Community outreach programmes 
  • Field activities i.e. recycling, upcycling, beach clean ups etc.
  • Website design, apps, and/or other media which support the activity 
  • Creation and/or use of smart technological innovations 
  • Building data sets for use in policy reform and knowledge sharing 
  • Guidance in project proposal creation and accessing funding sources
  • Grant fund application on behalf of new NGOs, CBOs and entrepreneurs 
  • Networking with other NGOs, CBOs, state agencies, entrepreneurs and companies (public and private)

The Sunbeam Foundation